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Detail Shop

Our detail shop provides quality and profession services with all the latest equipment. With complete automobile detailing that includes engine compartments, interior (shampoo/steam cleaning) exterior (wash, wax, and sealant). With our customer’s satisfaction and recommendations, our shop keeps growing.

Pick up & Delivery Available

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Now we accept most major credit cars. 

Cycle Detail & Sales

Complete Detail Pricing

Small Cars: $130.00  

Large Cars: $140.00

Small SUVs: $135.00

Large SUVs: $155.00

Mini Van: $145.00

Large Van (3 or more seats): $155.00

Regular Cab Pickup: $145.00

Ext./4-Door Pickup: $155.00

Motorcycles: $135.00

Complete Detail Overview

Glass: Cleaned inside and out

Interior: Vacuum, Steam, Shampoo, Wiped Down, Dressed

Interior Leather: Cleaned, Leather, Conditioner

Trunk/Hatch: Vacuum, Steam, Shampoo, Wiped Down, Dressed

Engine Compartment: Degreased, Waterless Wash, Wiped Down, Dressed

Exterior: Hand Washed, Hand Waxed, Machine Sealed

Dress: All Rubber, Tires, and Wheel Wells

Other Services

Interior Cleaning:

Vacuum, Steam, Shampoo, Wiped Down, Dressed.

Dress All Rubber and Vinyl

All Inside Glass Cleaned. 

Cars: $65.00

Vans: $85:00

SUVs: $85:00

Wash - Vacuum:

Cars: $40.00

SUVs & Trucks: $50.00

Wash - Wax - Vacuum:

Cars: $65.00

SUVs & Trucks: $80.00

Engine Compartment:

All Models $40.00

Headlight Restoration:

All Models $30.00

Extra Charge Services

Excessive Cleaning:

Tar, Paint, Hair Removal

Wet Sanding & Buffering

Shop Rate: $48.00 per hour